Monday, January 14, 2008

Staying away from buying or driving Nissan vehicles

Today received a call from the Nissan Consumer Affairs stating I won’t be eligible for the reimbursement of the “Fuel Sending Unit” that was replaced on 03/03/2006(The total numbers of Xterra's effected by this recall are 586196) and this part failed again(it previously failed on 07/302/007) on 01/04/2008.

My car had stalled on 07/30/2007 while I was driving on I-695 Baltimore beltway in the evening rush hours and those who are familiar with this road would know how horrible the traffic is and what can happen if the car is stalled in the mid lane. It did scare the living day light of me. Lucky we all are alive and I can still rant about the carp deal I got from Nissan.

I spend $97.67 for repairing the car + $50 for towing the car to the nearest garage. I was provided a receipt that stated that this WILL happen again and I should talk to Nissan as there was a recall on this unit. I called Nissan and I was given a File no 5802XXX with a promise somebody will call me, which never happened.

As my luck was good on 01/04/2008 the car stopped working at home itself and not on road. I had it towed to the nearest Nissan dealer who charged me $275.03 to fix the fuel sending unit. I again called Nissan consumer service (18006477261) and was given a file number 5991XXX (email me if you need the whole number) and was promised somebody will get in touch with me,this time the CSR (Customer Service Representative) asked me what i wanted Nissan to do. I wish I could have told them to manufacture more reliable parts, but I was too money minded and I asked for the reimbursement.

On 01/14/2008 a service manager(1866.XXX.XXXX ext:1XXX) called and told that Nissan is not liable to reimburse me the payment (I didn’t even ask for the towing charges) as the recall was done 12 months prior to the breakdown and Nissan doesn’t keep a track of its drivers driving style. What a carp way of dealing with a customer, my question was does Nissan have a way of knowing if the recalled unit was really changed in my car or the dealer just billed Nissan and said it was done? Has Nissan’s manufacturing so much distorted that it’s crucial part fails before even 12000 miles are recorded on the vehicle? What happened to the Total Quality Management (TQM)”? I guess Nissan is no stranger to tomiryokuteki hinshitsu (魅力的品質)- The idea that things should have an aesthetic quality (e.g. a pen will write in a way that is pleasing to the writer, and leave behind ink that is pleasing to the reader).

Should I be again expecting the unit to fail again in mid of 2008? Why cannot Nissan reimburse me the amount as the part they manufactured was recalled and still they didn’t get it to its high caliber and quality standard the second time also? I will try and stay away from buying any more Nissan after getting such a lousy customer service and spending so much money on the car to fix the same recurring problem.

Who can hear my anguish to fix my car without me having to own an oil well; as the vehicle itself is a big gas guzzler. I guess Nissan needs to learn more about Kaizen and customer relation management. May be next time I will go Toyota or Volkswagen but will never even bother to look at Nissan.

I hope the top management can improve the company’s quality control and standards by manufacturing better parts and make all the employees go through mandatory customer relation management course work.

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