Thursday, January 10, 2008

Where will you stop in order to WIN!!!

First thing first kaizen in Japanese means continuous improvement... Well what a nice little word to emphasis a big commitment on our part.

I had been watching and following the 2nd cricket test match between Australia and India been played in Sydney Cricket ground(SCG) and was watching with awe the different mental approach both teams had, one was subtle and other aggressive (no doubt they where playing to win at all cost to match the record of straight 16 win). Accordingly to me there is nothing wrong in playing to win, but to cheat in order to win is BIG no no. How far will you go to WIN something to add a aureole?

I thought for a moment i was watch poker been played with players intimidating the umpires and the poor umpires where so awe struck with the big name out in the field that their reflex's where not under there control and like a zombie where raising finger to pass a verdict. All the three including the third umpire made mistake, its so easy to say "to err is human", but why do we have his elite panel umpires making such gross mistakes? The umpiring was so sub standard like it was some street cricket game with novice umpires under flood lights. Umpiring was at its lowest ebb and i think the bad umpiring played a big role in one team winning the game , i think in future the umpiring debacle will be measure in term of "How bad was this as compared to the SCG umpiring?"

The third disturbing thing that was brought to light was name calling and thats a big NO NO in a game, trading insults to get under the skin of the other player is a part of the game for few players and they tend to get away with it, but if this is not controlled are we going to have microphones on each and every player to monitor their speech?

I was hoping the team that was made to lose the game by cheating would have packed its bags and left and said to NO to this type of humiliation. Again dollar won over the ethics and the game continues and life goes on.

Lets hope the lessons are learnt and there will be improvment in the 3rd cricket test match to be played at Perth.

I would like to invite you reader to share your views do drop me a line.

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